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The Larrabee Center Mission  

It is our mission to assist persons with disabilities and the elderly to become or remain valued members of their community.

 The Larrabee Center Vision

TLC will establish quality services, programs, and properties which will enhance the lives of the individuals we serve.

 The Larrabee Center Core Values
(The following are essential for stable community living)

  • Stable finances
  • Affordable, desirable and safe living arrangements in the community
  • Affordable/Reliable Transportation
  • Participation in socialization and leisure activities
  • Employment and Volunteerism (purpose in life)
  • A support network including family, friends, and significant others
  • Medical Services, Mental Health Services, and Other Medical Related Services
  • Crisis Resolution Services and Strategies

Company Overview

The Larrabee Center (TLC) exists to meet various support needs for individuals with disabilities and elderly individuals in a community based setting. TLC seeks to establish quality services, programs and properties which enhance the lives of the individuals we serve. The Community Support Services Program includes Supported Community Living Services, Home Habilitation Services, ID & BI Waiver Services, and Consumer Directed Attendant Care (CDAC). The Larrabee Center also provides Employment Support Services at Trinkets & Togs Thrift Store and other businesses in the community.