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Silent Auction

Silent Auction

  • Each auction runs for about 3 weeks
  • Auctions end on a Saturday at 5:00pm
  • Increase bids in minimums of $1.00 increments
  • Bids cannot be changed after written down
  • No telephone bids will be accepted after 4:00pm on the last day of the auction
  • If you are present when the bidding ends, you may pay for and pick up your item
  • If there are two or more persons bidding on the same item when the bidding ends, we will take oral bids until one person wins the item. That bid will be entered on the bid sheet and the winning bidder may pay for and take the item.
  • Winning bidders not present when the bidding ends will be called the following Monday
  • To place a bid by phone, call (319) 352-8029

Items currently on Silent Auction at Trinkets & Togs, Waverly ending January 9th, 2021 at 4:00pm*

For more information on these items or to place a bid by phone, call (319) 352-8029

I Love Lucy Dolls (2)
80 yr old Waterbury Clock with Letter
Reader's Digest (2) Collections